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A little background on my Life - Howard Pew.

Part of the story of my Life, by Howard Pew.

(Written during Oct 2014. Updated April 2017 and July 2018).

Many years ago, when I was only a little boy at about 5 years old, the Devil or one of his evil followers, appeared to me, in some of my dreams, at night, while we were staying a few days with some of our parent's friends home.

I remember these friends of my parents, lived in a house not far from the railway tracks, at the time.

Then this evil Being appeared to me again, in an Indian market place, while I was with my parents. At the market place, he looked to me, very much like a large red Monkey, at the time.

These dreams and visitations of this evil Being scared me so much, that I used to stop breathing normally, while some of the various systems of my body, went into shock. I was unable to swallow my food, or to drink normally. This all, still happens to me, everyday in my life - I just have to put up with it unfortunately.

To this day, I find it difficult to swallow or drink fluids, in a normal fashion.

I usually have to concentrate on my drinking and eating.

Also, to this day, various bodily fluids do things inside my body which I know are abnormal.

One of the worst effects that these fluids have on my body, is it makes

it difficult for me to concentrate on anything in particular. It was very difficult, I remember,

while trying to concentrate during any of my classes in High School and later in University.

Now, what I have not mentioned above, is that the Blessed Virgin Mary

appeared to me, in a dream, shortly after I saw these evil Beings.

What she said to me in this dream, I do not remember exactly, but it is always very comforting to

to know and remember just this dream which she appeared in to me, all those years ago.

Kind regards,

Howard Pew.

19 July 2018.

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