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An important part of my life, growing up in India - Howard Pew.

(Written during Oct 2014. Updated April 2017, July 2018, and March 2021).

Many years ago, when I was only a little boy of about 5-6 years old, while our family was visiting a relative friend of ours, our family decided to stay overnight in this relative's home. That night I had a very disturbing dream, which seemed very, very real to me at the time. In my dream, my guardian angel took me to see, what I now would consider, as being Hell. While in this place called Hell, my guardian angel showed me many suffering souls. I remember being very terrified, so frightened in fact, that my body at the time, went into a state of shock. To this day, only until fairly recently, I have not been able to function normally. I have always had to pay more attention to anything I was doing, that is, I really had to concentrate on everything I do, and all the time.

I always had to prepare myself mentally, beforehand, for any type of occasion which involved people, excluding my own family off course. I was very much a shy and awkward person, in my teens and into my 20's and 30's. Now, in the present time, I find myself "coming out of my shell", and trying to mix with people. I also find myself much more relaxed and confident, these days, among people, thanks to my strong religious beliefs in God, who I claim as the center of my life.

All my body systems, went into a state of shock when I was that little boy, of 5-6 years old. After my guardian angel showed me Hell, he took me to a very happy and peaceful place, in fact, it was a place that was incredibly beautiful, just like Heaven. While in Heaven, I met the Blessed Virgin Mary, who gave me a very special picture of herself, presented to me in a type of large locket. Unfortunately, I lost this locket, while I got a little older. I don't remember, thinking back on it now, where I placed it or where it went, however to this day, I remember, clearly what it looked like, in every detail. In our present home, we have a similar-looking item, of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which hangs near our front door, and whenever I have a stare or a quiet look at this item, I am immediately transported to Heaven. That is the only way I can describe this experience, it is just like being in Heaven, for a few seconds, and then back to our normal world, only too soon. The experience feels like being in Heaven because I feel very great peace and happiness, which I am not able to experience anywhere I have been, in our everyday world.

When I was growing up in India, under the age of 9 years, I sometimes saw spirits in our home. I know, I didn't just "see things" back then, because I believe that these were actual spirits of human beings. They were all too, very real to me at that time. I am sure it was not just my imagination, as some people may think. My Mum used to tell me, that I used to track these spirits in our home and see each individual, moving around. She also told me, when I was older enough to understand, that she had concentrated me to the Blessed Virgin Mary when I was just a few months old, and also placed me on the altar, before the Blessed Virgin Mary, in our Church.

Kind regards, :-)

Howard Pew.

19 July 2018 and 26 March 2021.

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